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2011 Results

Thanks to all entrants. The book containing these entries has now been printed. You can order copies by going to the book order page

The following poems have been selected for inclusion in the 2011 book. Congratulations.
2011 WINNER: Mr David Campbell, Beaumaris, Victoria.  "Wasteland"
Runner-up: Mr Marco Gliori, Warwick, Qld. "The Million Star Motel"
Highly Commended: Don G Adams, Paraparaumu, New Zealand. "Progress? Yeah, Right...."
Highly Commended: Leonie Parker, Brassal, Qld. "Voices"
Highly Commended: Catherine Clarke, Mona Vale, N.S.W. "Stolen"

Max Merckenschlager, Helping Hands in Crowdy Head
Morva Power, Hereditory
Ellis Campbell, Where have all the Baa-Baas Gone?
Richard Killick, Matelot from Stem to Stern
John Davis, Australian Courage
Gary Fogarty , Remember the Breaker
Lyle Arnold , A Glass Turned Upside Down
Herbert Cay, The Old Blue House
Dick Warwick, Parking Lot Pandemonium
Irene Timpone, The Debutante
John O'Neill, The Hands of Fate
Peg Vickers, For the love of a Drover's Cook
Jakki May, Flood
Grahame Watt, The Deserted Shed
Irene Connor, A Step out of the Flow
Brenda Joy , As Tracks May Lead
John Watkins, Of Drought...and Flooding Rain
Bill Maynard, Risky Business
Ann Griffiths, Enigma
Len Green, Election Mode
Sherry Clarke, Outback Woman
Helen Harvey, The Lame Man and His Dog
Hazel Beneke , The Shearing's Over
Catherine McLernon , Red Poppies for Remembrance
Mick Coventry , Blue
Terry Piggott, The Last Campfire
Ian Billows, Monkey Business
Neville Allen, Oobagooma Dam
Ray Jaensch , When the Rabbit Plague Was On
Jeff Close, Why?
Patricia Coy , The Bit of Scrub Outback
J.A.Kent, The Cross Cut Saw
Brenda Joy, The Romance in our Song
John Watkins , Am I Just Growing Old?
Don G Adams , The Singer or the Song?
Patricia Coy , A Date to Remember
Glenny Palmer, Condamine Tree.

Charlotte Kube , Wonderful Sea
Ethan Lunn, Droving Cattle
Saara Iso-Aho, Australia
Brook Jurss, Inland Tsunami
Kasey Gough, The Little Worn-out Pony
Rachel Fels, The Outback
Rowan Fittock, A Perfect Day's Fishing