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2012 Results and contents of 2012 Bronze Swagman Book

    Brian Bell
    Glenbrook, NSW
    " Four Soldiers Back"

    Helen Harvey
    Coonamble, NSW
    " I'm Glad That He's Not Here"

There were three Highly Commended entries:

    Jack Drake
    Stanthorpe, Qld
    " The Water of the Well - Beersheba 1917"

    Keith Lethbridge
    Armadale, WA.
    "The Photograph"

    Shirley Ward
    Laurieton, NSW.
    "The Ballad of Tom Hawes"

Poems selected to appear in the Bronze Swagman Book of Bush Verse are:

D.G.Adams, Reaching Out
Marco Gliori, Kidman Calling
Zondrae King, Remember, Watch the Boy
Jim Brown, Australia
Terry Piggott, A Bushman's Farewell
V.P.Read, Last Ride on Knock-'Em-Down
Stephen Whiteside, The Hangman's Repent
Bill Maynard, Alone in the Darkness
Christine Saddler, Crossroads on the Farm
Yvonne Harper, Advance Australia Fair
Graham Dean, The Fallen
Ray Jaensch, The Outback - The Only Place for Me!
Manfred Vijars, Old John
Keith Lethbridge, Two Stroke Ringer
Helen Harvey, The Irish Stockman
Allan Goode, Grandma's Old Oak Bed
John Watkins, Back on the Land
Hazel Stracham, The Drover's Hat
Val Wallace, Are You the Father?
Glenny Palmer, On the Porch...Where the Rose Climbs Tall
Pamela Innes, The Good Old Days
Bob Magor, The Legacy
Jeff Close, To Willi Marr
Irene Timpone, Judgement at Jindabill
Robyn Sykes, Old Bill's Regret
Lynden Baxter, The Stars of Bethlehem
Jakki May, Black Diamonds
Coral Dasey, Pioneer Woman
Branda Joy, A Breed of their Own
Brian A. Gale, The Legend of Estralita...The Star of Love
Ruth Inglis, My Hinges All Need Oiling
Alan May, The Way it Was
Leonie Parker, The Rev Head Cockatoo
Allan Goode, The Battle of the Knob
Shelley Hansen, Song of the Queenslander
Jim Kent, Friction
Keith Lethbridge, Harry's Mate
Frank Cardiff, Grannie's Calendar
Pam Moore, Gone off to the Mines
Arthur Rosbrook, Flights of Fancy
Tom McIlveen, Our Convict's Legacy
Diane Simmonds, A Dreamtime Vision
John Davis, Listen to my Cry
Elizabeth Bray, Down to Earth
Tom McIlveen, Eureka Mine Still Smoulders
Marty Boyce, A Night at the Shanty
Max Merckenschlager, Mallee Farmer
Morva Power, Eventide

And from the Little Swaggies' Award...

Breanna Leitch, A Miner's Life
William Etherington, Cracks in the Ground
Pooja Arumugam, The Bush
Logan Guldbransen, Movin' to the City
Madi Smith, Australian Weather
Jemimah Phillott, The Great French Ordeal

Congratulations. The annual book can now be ordered. See the page 2012 Book Order