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2013 Results and Poems selected for Book

Results of the 42nd Bronze Swagman Award 2013

       Donald Crane, Toowoomba, Qld. " Midnight Muster"

       Tom McIlveen, Port Macquarie, N.S.W " The Ghost of Long Tan"

There were 4 Highly Commended entries:

Keith Lethbridge, Armidale, N.S.W  " Goats"
Dennis N. O'Brien, Araluen, Qld. " Alligator River"
Will Moody, Bellingen, N.S.W " Coolwater"
V.P.Read, Bicton, W.A. " Yowies on Uncle Ted's Farm"

Poems selected for the 2013 book:

Midnight Muster (Winner)    Donald Crane
The Ghost of Long Tan (RU)    Tom McIlveen
Goats (HC)    Keith Lethbridge
Coolwater (HC)    Will Moody
Alligator River (HC)    Dennis N. O'Brien
Yowies on Uncle Ted's Farm (HC)     V.P. Read
The Life of a Country Boy    Ray Jaensch
Four Views of an Australian Summer    Don G. Adams
Where the Spirit Leads    George Hall
James     Allan Goode
Fury's Feast    Max Merckenschlager
A Thousand to One Chance    Yvonne Harper
Flying Doctor    Shelley Hansen
Memories of  "The Mail"    Kevin Pye
A Thousand Dreams     Graham Dean
Winter    George Hall
Don't Let Them Rescue Me     Keith Lethbridge
The Remittance Man    Grahame Watt
It's the Generation Gap     Morva Power
Westward Quest    Donald Crane
Reflections of the Kimberley 
- Circa 1950     Brenda Joy
Swagman    Warren Cox
Crossing the Snake    Lynden Baxter
Desert Interlude    Maureen Clifford
Rafting on the River in the Spring    Will Moody
Corroboree Camp - Northern Territory    Dennis N. O'Brien
Bringing the Cattle Home    Irene Timpone
Rebellion    Bill Maynard
Our Rural Southern Sons     Catherine Lee Clarke
The Swagman's Ghost    B.J. Stirling
Night-time Routine     Caz Goodwin
Corporate Man    Glenny Palmer
I Have No Regrets     John Davis
The Tree    Peg Vickers
The Bullock Wagon's Lament    Darryl Cooper

Just a Horse    Helen Harvey
Jim the Drover    Tom McIlveen
The Last Farewell    Terry Piggott
Paddy's Mountain    Kathleen McLennan

Congratulations to all !

Details of how to order the book will appear on this website once the book is printed.