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Clover F Nolan 3rd November 2013

Clover Nolan was born Clover Frances Kennedy in Townsville, the eldest child of Winton district pioneers Charles and Hazel Kennedy. Clover grew up on the family sheep property, Werna, 75km north of Winton. She attended Glennie Prep and Glennie Memorial schools in Toowoomba, before completing the Karitane Mothercraft Training in Sydney, and undertaking Kindercraft work in the City Hall in Brisbane. In 1940 Clover married Jim Nolan.

Clover Nolan was a foundation committee member of the Winton Tourist Promotion Association and the Winton District Historical Society, both still in strong existence. Clover served as Secretary and archivist of the QANTILDA Museum in 1972.

Clover moved to Toowoomba in 1981, then to North Queensland to be with her daughter Cathy.

In between times Clover wote poetry, performed in amateur theatre, worked hard on local committees in her beloved Winton, and painted.

Here is a poem from the 1974 Bronze Swagman book.
      Dusk at Fisherman's Bend
The gnarled roots suck the water, warm as milk,
A tipped moon lights the channels smooth as silk.
A night bird screeches out an eerie bleep
And others twitter quietly going to sleep.
Some puff-ball ducks, like buttons on a gown,
Break 3-D shadows stringing up and down.
Through stirring trees a startled star explodes
Spraying star-spangles on the water roads.
A pony, plied by moonlight, stoops to drink
As wallabies move softly to the brink.
A bated silence holds the bush in thrall,
Broken, a moment, by the night bird's call.
As fishes rise ringed ripples lick steep banks.
Five people, picnicking, give quiet thanks.
                         (c) Estate Clover F Nolan