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2017 Award

Thanks to all entrants. Congratulations as follows:

Winner: Heather Searles, Branxton, NSW with "C for Charlie"

Runner Up: Tim Borthwick, Toowoomba, Qld with "The Prairie Pub"

Highly Commended:
Helen Harvey, Coonamble, NSW "Searching For Heroes"
Tony Jewell, Wentworth, NSW "Just A Little, Further On"
Tim Borthwick, Toowoomba, Qld. "Trooper Arthur Blain"
Bruce Simpson, Upper Caboolture, Qld. "From The West"
Len Hutton, Attunga, NSW. "Me Shearin' Days Are Over"

Poems selected for the 2017 book:

Heather Searles C For Charlie

Tim Borthwick The Prairie Pub, Trooper Arthur Blain, The Wave
Helen Harvey Searching for Heroes, The Shearers' Cook
Tony Jewell Just a Little Further On
Bruce Simpson From the West
Len Hutton Me Shearin' Days Are Over

Keith "Cobber" Lethbridge Good Behaviour Bond
Hugh Allen The Pioneer Breed
Valerie P Read A Country Cop, At Life's End
Gloria Anderline A Woolly Yarn, The Susso and the Copper's Kid
Glenny Palmer Advance Australia.....Where?
Max Merckenschlager Ben, German Charlie, Made in Australia
Shelley Hansen Boiled Eggs, Not The Tenterfield Saddler
Peter O'Shaugnessy Death of a Drover, The Gun
Don Adams Do You Know What?
Irene Timpone Down The Track
Pauline Hitchcock Gazing at the Gums
Tony Jewell  Granny Riddles
Morva Power Hope, The Sentimentalist
Tony Hammill Jim and Chas
Dick Warwick My Ancestors
Keith Lethbridge Our Land, Smart Pills
Brenda Joy Outreaching Still
Colleen McLaughlin The Black Horse Fell
Rollo Waite The Contract
Sean Duffy The Ghosts of Walhalla
Jim Kent The Last Dance You'll Save for Me
Leonie Parker The Old Bush Dance, The Old Bush School House , Grandad's Christmas Dinner
Donald Crane Westward Quest