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2017 Junior Festival 14th September

                                                     168 ENTRANTS
                                        ENTRIES FROM 7 SCHOOLS

                                            HUGE SUCCESS
Sponsored by Corfield and Fitzmaurice, Janine Haig, Jennifer Bell, Gary Fogarty, Winton Shire Council and the Winton Outback Festival, the 22nd annual awards were co-ordinated this year by Julie Dorries and a team of willing workers.

Conducted by the WBTA - Winton Business and Tourism Association Inc.

Catering was by the local ICPA Branch and the venue was the Winton Shire hall. The hall was packed with excited parents, relatives, supporters and of course the children who had come from Winton State School, St Patrick's Winton, Hughenden State School, Longreach School of Distance Education, Longreach State School, Our Ladies School Longreach and St Francis Hughenden.Many thanks to all who travelled.

Year 2 Individual:
1. Rebecca Strong
2. Georgia Alexander
3. Tabatha Eussen
from 34 entrants.

Year 1 Individual:
1.Ethan Cox
2.Destiny Parsons
3.Isack Egoroff
from 19 entrants.

Prep Individual:
1.Thea Scutt
2. Oscar Walker
3. Liberty Henwood
from 11 entries

Group Performance, Prep to Year 2.
1. Longreach State School
2.Our Ladies School, Longreach
3. Our Ladies School, Longreach, year 2

Encouragement Award Prep to Year 2: Bronte Brown
Sponsored by Janine Haig & Jennifer Bell

Year 3 Individual:
1. Livia Robertson
2. Arianna Gillespie
3. Elise Walker
from 14 entries

Year 4 Individual
1. Malcolm Strong
2. Seaton Robinson
3. Taylor Hampson
from 26 entries

Group Performance, Years 3 - 4
1. Our Ladies School, Longreach, year 4
2. St Patrick's Winton
3. Longreach State School

Encouragement Award, Years 3-4: Ashley Whitehead
Sponsored by Janine Haig & Jennifer Bell

Year 5 Individual:
1. Nathan Whitehead
2.Chelsea Turnbull
3. Preston Laurie
from 28 entries

Year 6 Individual
1. Mckealey Thompson
2. Madison Hampson
3. Jackarra Jones
from 36 entries

Group Performance, Years 5-6
1. Our Ladies School, Longreach Year 6
2. Winton State School
3.Longreach State School

Encouragement Award, Years 5-6: Hugh Smith
Sponsored by Janine Haig & Jennifer Bell

Clover Nolan Award - a higher category competition for those who had won a medallion in their individual performance - years 3 - 6
Winner: Malcolm Strong
Runner Up: Nathan Whitehead

The Banjo Award - best performance of an A.B.Paterson Poem from throughout the day, and sponsored by Gary Fogarty: Malcolm Strong

Co-judge and Bronze Swagman co-ordinator Jeff Close,Nathan Whitehead, Malcolm Strong, and co-judge and performance poet Greg North