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2020 Bronze Swagman Award


2021 (50th) now open

210 poems received from 64 poets.

68 poems received from poets whose poetry has never been printed in past issues
of the Bronze Swagman Books of Bush Verse.

The adjudicator, Jack Drake, has made the following awards:

Winner: Marco Gl iori, Warwick Qld Fumbles

Runner-up: Keith 'Cobber' Lethbridge, Armadale W.A. Crocodile

Highly Commended:
Robert Raftery, Greenbank, Qld. The Black Rose
Heather Searles, Branxton, N.S.W. The Handshake
Irene Dalgety Timpone, Atherton, Qld. Remembering Bill the Bastard
Brenda Joy, Charters Towers, Qld. The Deluge of the Pla ins
Kelly Dixon Mundubbera Qld. Sullivan

Tim Borthwick Memorial Award to a poet not yet published in the
Bronze Swagman Book of Bush Verse:
Heather Knight, Wentworth Falls, N.S.W. A Single Blackened Post

2021 Award now open

Poems selected for inclusion in the 2020 Book:

Fumbles   (Winner)                             Marco Gliori                  

Crocodile (R.U.)                                  Keith Cobber Lethbridge         

The Black Rose (H.C.)                        Robert Raftery                                

Sullivan (H.C.)                                   Kelly Dixon                     

The Handshake   (H.C.)                       Heather Searles                            

Remembering Bill the Bastard (H.C.)    Irene Dalgety Timpone           

The Deluge of the Plains (H.C)              Brenda Joy                                     

A Single Blackened Post (Tim Borthwick Prize)  Heather Knight

Absobloodyutely Right               Irene Dalgety Timpone             

Jewels of the Collars and Hames        Kelly Dixon                                          

A Stretcher Bearer's Story       HeIen Harvey                                

Bittersweet Harvest                 Shelley Hansen                                

Babes of Walloon          Max Merckenschlager                

Japangardi          Max Merckenschlager                  

Takeaway from Canungra     Steve McGinnis                              

The Old Bloke in t he C orner    Steve McGinnis                                

The Stories Never Told     Keith Cobber Lethbridge             

Lamboo Station    Keith Cobber Lethbridge           

Home Alone      David Stanley                                  

After the Basalt Wall   Ross Rolley                                        

The Final March     Heather Knight                               

The Song of the Axeman's Woman    Robert Raftery                             

Our Country's Not for Sale    Bob Magor                                   

Holden On      Marco Gliori                               

Digger Takes a Bride  Keith Cobber Lethbridge            

Folly on the Road   Catherine Lee                              

The Messenger   Helen Harvey                             

Shadows      Helen Harvey                               

The Teepon Country Club      Irene Dalgety Timpone
Foolscap Tombstones   Kelly Dixon
Old Men in the Street   John Roberts                                 

Space Junk      John Roberts
Dining with the Devil   John Roberts                                  

A Dreamtime Wish    Diane de St Hilaire Simmonds

Australia - Bushfires 2019-2020    John Ned Newcombe                

Daydreams      Terry Piggott                                  

The Fireys     Terry Piggott                          

Sandy's Livestock Transport    Ken Knuth  
When the Yanks Came    Ken Knuth                             

Battle of Beersheba     Rollo Waite                            

The Mates I Used to Know     James (Jim) Kent                

The Ballad of Billy Mateer     Tony Hammill                         

Mildews Dilemma     Keith Cobber Lethbridge  

Charlie Wasn't Posh     Peter O'Shaugnessy               

The Tiger Moth    Peter O'Shaugnessy             

My Time     Dick Warwick                       

Grandma's Shopping List    Greg Young                             

Banjo's Ghost in Winton by the Combo Waterhole    Robert Raftery                       

My Old Mate      Peter O'Shaugnessy     

A Master Chef    Peter O'Shaugnessy